Wireless AI Enhances Security in Critical Sites

image by pixabay

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A new wireless AI blockchain technology is going to change the way airports manage security checks. Smart security trays will connect with passengers without leaking data. 

The British start-up UtterBerry has worked on the development of airport smart security trays since 2020. The smart tray technology was created with the help of the UK Department for Transport (DfT) and the Home Office which jointly set up the Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS).

To enhance security and avoid loss of luggage, UtterBerry’s trays use a mix of blockchain technology, machine learning and AI to provide an overview of the trays in use and the related passenger information. The solution will not only increase security at the border but make airport checks quicker and easier for passengers.

 When a passenger approaches an airport’s security control, they are issued with a smart card that stores all the flight and basic information. At the other end, a smart reader allocated on the tray enables passengers to link their belongings to the tray, flashing a LED light of different colours depending on the status of the baggage, if it has been scanned or not.

In addition to linking passengers to their belongings, the smart trays will provide an analysis of contents as well as the passenger throughput and the factors that contribute to delays. By using an X-ray interface, information will also be displayed on the baggage inspection monitors.

The system will charge wirelessly, enabling long hours of battery operation, and will run on multiple infrastructures due to being Cloud-based. Talks with airports across the country are being held to roll out the technology in the following few years. 

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