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Airborne coronavirus transmission has been recognized as a key route of infection by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who both recently updated their guidance on the airborne threat of coronavirus following growing evidence of transmission via coronavirus particles suspended in air.

A new technology has been scientifically proven to remove more than 99% of airborne viruses and contaminated particulate matter in public transportation. It is hoped that it will restore public confidence in using public transport recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK.

21st Century Fleet Systems is teaming up with air quality management experts AirLabs, in an exclusive UK partnership for the distribution of the AirBubbl. It can be deployed in public transport vehicles to remove airborne coronavirus particles and air pollution, protecting passengers and drivers.

The device will be offered to some of the UK’s largest transport operators, regional operators and social enterprise groups.

The AirBubbl distributes more than 37,000 liters of clean air every hour, creating a clean air breathing zone to keep drivers and passengers safe. The device is equally effective at removing air pollution, including harmful ozone gases, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ultrafine particle pollutants (PM10, PM2.5 and smaller) playing a vital role in protecting drivers and passengers long after the pandemic has passed, according to

Advanced air filtration technology like the AirBubbl is a crucial element in getting passengers back into work and school safely, by reducing the risk of airborne transmission of coronavirus on mass transit. 

The AirBubbl has already been installed in a wide range of vehicles, including public and private buses, coaches, minibuses, patient transport vehicles, community transport buses, taxis and private cars.