PBS Unveils New High-Thrust Lightweight Engine

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PBS, a Czech aerospace manufacturer, comes with a new modified propulsion unit, the PBS TJ80M turbojet engine. The expansion of the UAV market goes hand in hand with rising demands on the quality and technical aspects of components and materials, especially in air-launched applications. The result of the introduced changes is an increase in the engine’s thrust by 42%, from 900 N to 1,280 N, and a reduction in the specific fuel consumption, while the outer diameter of 235 mm has remained unchanged.

Turbojet engine PBS TJ80M

Same size – higher power

PBS Velka Bites (PBS) introduced the PBS TJ80 jet engine in the middle of 2018. The engine excelled in many innovative design solutions, including an oil-free concept with fuel-lubricated bearings, 235 mm outer diameter, 12 kg weight, 900 N thrust, and an integrated 650 W / 28 V power supply. The engine has been developed for use in UAV applications.

The result of subsequent development programmes of the PBS TJ80 engine is the deeply modernized PBS TJ80M to be launched in the second half of 2021. PBS TJ80M is the outcome of PBS development activities. The engine provides new flow parts such as a modernized compressor stage, an axial turbine, and a new fuel system. The result of the introduced changes is an increase in the engine’s thrust by 42% to 1,280 N while reducing the specific fuel consumption. The PBS TJ80M engine features an electrical output of 2.3 kW/28 V. The external dimensions and the 235 mm diameter of the engine have remained unchanged from the original model.

Innovations enable a wider range of applications

Within the frame of this project, a new spark plug of only 18 mm height is being developed. New control algorithms have been implemented in the ECU thanks to which the full engine’s thrust potential will be used depending on the flight altitude.

PBS TJ80M significantly expands a range of applications where the engine may be integrated. Furthermore, it is a 100 % “ITAR-free” propulsion unit.

The PBS development team has extensive experience in integrating small jet engines into various types of UAV platforms. PBS offers additional services, such as optimization of the air inlet channel, UAV fuel system, or integration of PBS engine control with the UAV control system.

The “M” version represents the first stage of the modernization programme of the PBS TJ80 jet engine. PBS will direct its development activities to further increase thrust and introduce a saltwater version of the engine for landing in saltwater and subsequent further use.

At the same time, PBS is working on other development projects, including the modernization of existing products and the development of new products. An experienced development team, precision engineering facilities, and aerospace technology test facilities make PBS possible to manufacture top-notch jet engines, which the company adapts to the requirements of a specific customer application.

PBS has a 20 – year tradition in developing and manufacturing small jet engines. The history of PBS aerospace production dates back to 1972. Extensive know-how, significant certifications, including DOA from the European Civil Aviation Agency (EASA) are proof of PBS as a reliable and serious partner for the most demanding UAV projects.