Don’t Miss AUS&R 2021 – Leading Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference!

Don’t Miss AUS&R 2021 – Leading Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference!

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iHLS is proud to present AUS&R 2021the Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference – the ninth annual event.

AUS&R will be held on July 5 at EXPO Tel Aviv, pavilion 10. This year – in collaboration with AUVSI Israel and AEAI.

Unmanned systems at sea, in the air and on the ground form the spearhead in the integration of innovative technologies in our lives. Autonomous vehicles, drone delivery, flying taxis.. Some of them are already here, and their integration in our daily lives is happening more swiftly than we can imagine.

In coping with the serious challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, these systems have offered immediate and exceptional solutions as quarantine and social distancing enforcement tools, as well as identification, remote control and treatment, medical supply delivery, etc. The recent year has accelerated considerably the development and integration of autonomous vehicles in all fields.

Unmanned systems continue to revolutionize the security realm – following the steps of the unmanned aerial vehicle revolution, we are witnessing a new revolution with the integration of drones and robots as an integral part of the force.

Israel has been a world leader in the development of innovative solutions in the unmanned systems field, and its advanced, proven technologies have been part of the world’s leading military and civilian systems.

AUS&R is a business and academic meetup designed to discuss the most update technologies in the field in Israel and abroad.


Conference Chairman – Col. (res.) Ofer Haruvi, an expert active in the remotely manned systems field for over 30 years.

Among the lecturers: senior officials from the industry and leading academics.

The conference will focus on the various aspects of robotic and unmanned systems development and advancement.

Target Audience

A special opportunity for professional meetings and business networking among leading experts in the field – industries, defense companies, integrators, r&d groups, academics, entrepreneurs, investors and potential customers.

  • Security and civilian companies 
  • Air, ground and maritime consumers and end-users in the civilian and security realms
  • Project managers
  • Development and system engineers
  • Autonomous and robotic systems experts
  • System integrators
  • Technological leaders, CTOs, R&D, VPs, CEOs
  • IDF and security services technological units
  • Academic experts
  • Algorithm developers, software and hardware engineers
  • Consulting firms

A professional, comprehensive conference with plenary sessions by the leading experts.

This year’s conference will focus on:  

  • Autonomous mobility in the urban environment
  • Autonomous systems in the modern battlefield
  • End technologies in the service of autonomous systems


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