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A tactical intervention drone intended for indoor use was launched by the Belgian company Sky-Hero. The Loki Mk2 drone is designed for civil protection forces, featuring: fast handling, 100% on-board technology, maneuverability, precision, daytime and night-time observation, etc. 

The company was contacted in January 2015 by the Belgian DSU (Special Units Division) for an imminent anti-terrorist intervention. So, after a few years of working in the field of drones, the company was called upon to develop a model that met the particular constraints of special forces and to do so in record time. Since then, they have regularly collaborated with the Belgian intervention forces.

Since then the company has equipped the special forces of several European countries, including Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, as well as the FBI, which has provided its 56 bureaus and its three hostage rescue teams with the Loki 1.0 model.

Thanks to its collaboration with many European intervention forces and the FBI, the company is building up advanced knowledge of the specific needs of civil protection forces. 

In the words of the chief inspector of the Belgian special units, cited by, “the Loki 1.0 has made a major contribution to the success of many tricky operations over the past few years. There is no doubt that without the drones and the equipment developed by Sky-Hero, certain situations in which we were involved could have ended tragically and the task of the special units would have been significantly more complicated and dangerous.”