Data At The Forefornt of National Defense

Data At The Forefornt of National Defense

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It is official, the US defense establishment will be focusing their future efforts on data research. The Pentagon is implementing new policies and procedures to codify best practices in the department’s data management operations in an effort to ensure US armed forces maintains “data advantage” over its adversaries in future conflicts. “Data is a strategic asset and transforming the US Department of Defense to a data-centric organisation is critical to improving performance and creating decision advantage at all echelons… ensuring US competitive advantage,” goes the statement of  a Pentagon memorandum.

The policy memorandum focuses on five main pillars across four major target areas within the department, designed to “ensure all DoD data is visible, accessible, understandable, linked, trustworthy, interoperable, and secure”. Those pillars include efforts to maximise data sharing and data use rights across the DoD, as well as to ensure the common data interfaces utilised by the department consist of “industry-standard, non-proprietary, preferably open-source, technologies, protocols, and payloads”, the memo stated. “The other pillars, in terms of data publishing and storage, state all data assets should be published in the Pentagon’s federated data catalogue”. writes that finally DoD data policy makers are aiming to develop and adopt the “industry’s best practices for secure authentication, access management, encryption, monitoring, and protection of data at rest, in transit, and in use”. 

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