Meet FVMat Startup – iHLS and IMoD INNOFENSE Innovation Center Graduate

Meet FVMat Startup – iHLS and IMoD INNOFENSE Innovation Center Graduate

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Technological innovation offering dual-use solutions for the security and commercial sectors enjoys the advantages of a huge market and a wide range of development directions. Startups developing solutions in these fields participate at the acceleration and innovation programs run by iHLS and the Israel Ministry of Defense. FVMat is one of them.

The development of a new class of materials is opening up endless opportunities in fields such as mechanics, electronics, heat transfer, chemistry, optics, etc. FVMat (Filled Void Materials) has been revolutionizing the realm of materials by the design, simulation and production of novel meta-materials. 

This ground-breaking development has created a unique playground for the design, simulation and fabrication of novel materials, products, and devices in a wide array of fields.

FVMat’s unique development enables to change polarity, control heat transfer, optical properties, etc. by activating environmental conditions to achieve the desired physical behavior.

The company was co-founded at the beginning of 2019 by Jacob Klepach and Doron Klepach.

The startup is a graduate of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center operated by iHLS in collaboration with IMoD. The leading innovation program for dual-use technological projects in the civilian and security sectors. The program is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

Application to INNOFENSE’s second batch is now open.  Apply

The successful startup is also a graduate of the iHLS Security Accelerator, a unique acceleration program that removes entrance barriers to the technological ecosystem turning startups into mature, leading companies while connecting them with relevant investors. 

iHLS has been active in the HLS field for a decade. The company operates a professional specialized website and organizes Israel’s leading conferences and exhibitions, including AUS&R for unmanned systems and robotics, and INNOTECH for HLS, cyber and innovation. The company supports innovation and creates new connections through its Security Accelerator program and INNOFENSE Innovation Center.