Police Officers Getting New Capabilities

Police Officers Getting New Capabilities

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Video serves as a crucial piece of evidence for law enforcement while also serving as an essential ingredient for building trust and transparency with the communities they protect. Officers are frequently put in stressful positions where they need to have absolute focus. 

A new technology could help automate officer tasks, like activating a body-worn camera recording when certain triggers are received, so that critical moments are not missed during these high-stress situations.

Motorola Solutions announced a new integration between its V300 body-worn cameras and mission-critical APX Project 25 (P25) two-way radios. The integration is designed to automate officer tasks and capture evidence in their most critical moments by activating a body-worn camera recording when an officer triggers the emergency mode on their radio.

Such a scenario can include an officer who may come under attack and needs to call for 

backup, but also needs to keep full focus on the assailant. By pressing the emergency button on their radio, the officer is able to alert the dispatcher of their situation and, simultaneously, begin recording on the body-worn camera so that a real-time, unbiased perspective into the evolving situation is captured. If the body-worn camera is connected to the officer’s 4RE In-Car Video Camera System, or their partners’ body-worn cameras, these will also start recording.

Two-way radios are universally deployed devices that are foundational to officer safety, allowing law enforcement to communicate effectively and efficiently with their teams. By integrating APX radios with body-worn cameras, the development enables officers to rely on the technology and workflows that they instinctively use as incidents unfold.