Urban Air Mobility – First Time Over Beijing

Urban Air Mobility – First Time Over Beijing

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Flying taxis can improve urban traffic in a sustainable way. A new eco-friendly passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle provides a low-altitude solution for future transportation in the smart city. A Chinese urban air mobility start-up, EHang, has completed cold-weather test flights of its two-seater EH216 autonomous aerial vehicle over Beijing. 

It was the first time that a passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle flew over the capital of China, a highly regulated airspace. These unmanned trial flights obtained official approval from the airspace regulator.  

Flights in extreme weather and diversified environments can demonstrate the safety and resilience of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In February 2021, two units of EH216 completed a total of five unmanned trial flights over the frozen Yanqi Lake in Beijing at an air temperature of minus 14 degrees Celsius. 

EHang has tested the EH216 with a series of successful trial flights in extreme conditions such as low temperature, hot desert, heavy fog and typhoons.