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Moving towards autonomy, unmanned aerial vehicles rely heavily on advanced collision avoidance systems. A European collision-avoidance project for drones wants to replicate the human ability to make the right decisions during dicey mid-air situations. The initiative involves the development of a new detect-and-avoid kit that would allow aerial drones to fly safely alongside civilian air traffic.

The European Detect and Avoid System (EUDAAS) consortium effort is one of a raft of initiatives under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme, which spreads seed money far and wide on the continent in search of promising defense technology

Ann-Kristin Adolfsson, who leads business development and strategy at Saab’s Aeronautics business area, said “the technology brings the key piece of safety assurance to enable more autonomy and efficiency into aviation, enabling unmanned and remotely operated aircraft to take off in a broader sense,” she said in a statement. “While the project focus is on military unmanned aircraft, the technology is fully applicable to also civil systems.”

The system will entail a “fully automatic” collision-avoidance function, and parts of it would be integrated into the air traffic management system overseeing all flow in a given airspace.

“The technology will be fully compliant with civil requirements, also supporting safe operation of civil drones e.g. for services in support of deliveries, agriculture and forestry, environmental protection, border surveillance and Urban Air Mobility (UAM): a transportation system that moves people by air,” a Saab statement reads. According to, the Eurodrone, developed by Airbus, Dassault and Leonardo, will serve as a test platform for the new collision-avoidance technology. The program will run for three years and work closely with the civil developments in the field. 

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