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7788828_sMicro and Mini unmanned air systems (UAS) used for homeland security missions will be controlled by Smartphones. This trend is spreading among the users – they all want these small platforms to be controlled by handheld devices.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is entering the cellphone business. Well, the company does not intend to compete with the Smartphone manufacturers or service providers, but still thinks the potential is very big.

Fourth generation cellular technology will enable small unmanned air system (UAS) to transmit video directly to field commanders under most conditions.

Recently, as reported here, IAI has successfully demonstrated its new wideband Long Term Evolution (LTE) Tactical Communication Network – the TAC4G.

TAC4G enables wideband communication within the various military units and between different command echelons. The system is based on commercial LTE 4 Generation cellular technology adapted for military applications.

ELTA Systems, the subsidiary of IAI, developed the system as a substitute to software defined radio systems, and it can in some instances use civilian cellular infrastructure.

The company says it is negotiating with a cellphone company on designing special cellphones for the end users including UAS operators. “We also intend to develop special operational applications that will make it easy for the users to take full advantage of the secure system “, a company source said.

In addition to the technical advantages of a 4th generation cellular network IAI thinks that the wide use of smartphones in everyday life , and their many applications, create a “familiar” environment that can be very useful in combat situations.

Young 18 years old Israelis going to the army can find themselves in a combat unit using a small UAS. What is more sensible, than giving them something looking like a “civil” Smartphone they are familiar with, and using it to get instant video from aerial sensors?

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