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Drones can now be equipped with cybersecurity powered by artificial intelligence (AI). SkyGrid, a joint venture between Boeing and SparkCognition, has recently announced a world-first plan to deploy an AI-powered cybersecurity system on drones. Its DeepArmor product, a patented machine-learning cybersecurity technology is designed for the UAV industry at a time when never-before-seen cyberattacks are expected as more drones take flight.

The new software uses sophisticated AI models to protect a wide range of endpoints, designed to alleviate any potential zero-day threats. 

According to, the technology can be used both in the commercial sector and on UAVs within the defense industry to counter national security threats. Incidents such as the capture of RQ- 170 UAV by Iran back in 2015, which was subsequently reverse-engineered, could now be avoided. 

The DeepArmor Aerial product can be deployed directly on drone hardware to provide protection even when network connectivity is impaired or non-existent. The ability to autonomously monitor and act on all payloads and processes is vital. 

According to the company, the technology “is unique in how it classifies threats. It uses sophisticated AI models to analyze thousands of characteristics of payloads in memory or permanent storage. As a result, DeepArmor does not need prior knowledge of a specific threat to make a classification and has been very successful at catching advanced zero-day threats. This is especially important in the UAV industry where we expect to see never-before-seen cyberattacks emerge as more drones take flight,” the company was cited by 

AI technologies are becoming ubiquitous for both protecting against cyberattacks and also as an instrument for launching them. AI systems used as cyber offensive tools create a worrying vulnerability for militaries, as new autonomous technologies can increase the anonymity of cyberattacks, which can also be executed at much larger scale and at faster speeds. Securing unmanned systems against such attacks is critical as breaches can offer attackers access to vast amounts of data that could pose an immediate risk to military operations.

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