New Defense Cloud Now Adopted by NATO

New Defense Cloud Now Adopted by NATO

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As military operations become increasingly data-driven, access to critical data and applications is a crucial requirement for the armed forces. 

For the armed forces, access to mission-critical data and applications is vitally important, but guaranteeing that access is easier said than done. First, because connectivity is often limited in real-life combat situations. Second, because communication networks need to be fully protected against hostile interception and jamming. And third, because conventional clouds by definition are shared resources, with your data hosted under the complete control of the hosting provider.

NATO has selected a defense cloud solution that can be deployed in the theatre of operations in less than 24 hours. 

The organization selected Thales to provide the technology after a worldwide competitive tendering process on the basis of its defense systems integration know-how. 

The defense cloud developed by Thales enables the forces to analyze and share data in real-time from the command center to the theatre of operations, pursue their digital transformation in complete security, and accelerate the decision cycle to gain and maintain operational advantage.

Until now, it could take several months and dozens of specialized engineers working at sites close to the combat zone to deploy the assets required. With Nexium defense Cloud and its Service Design Studio and orchestration system, a small team of experts can deploy IT services and applications to locations thousands of kilometers away in just a few hours. This solution is based on a holistic approach encompassing applications management, IT, networks and security, with an overall system architecture designed to accommodate various different levels of confidentiality, according to the company’s announcement.

Nexium defense Cloud incorporates civil and commercial technologies to provide a complete, modular, sovereign solution that enables forces to operate fully autonomously in the theatre of operations. It offers a wide array of possible configurations, from very high-capacity and easily scalable infrastructure for command headquarters to all-in-one systems that transform a forward base into a new cloud node in just a few hours.

Nexium defense Cloud includes all the components of military command posts (cabinets, servers, data storage media, supervision system, etc.) and meets performance requirements in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP) to simplify deployment and minimize the logistics footprint.