Whatsapp Privacy Debate – Is our Data Private At All?

Whatsapp Privacy Debate – Is our Data Private At All?

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Facebook’s WhatsApp platform has begun alerting its 2 billion users to an update of its privacy policy, now reserving the right to share data it collects about users with the broader Facebook network. The move has brought about a public outcry regarding the alleged effect on privacy.

Although it was made clear that the new terms do not refer to the content of the messages but rather to meta-data, many users flocked to rival apps Telegram and Signal. 

But is our data kept private at all? Who manages all the information stored in the cloud and who is interested in taking and using it? 

Watch the intriguing panel discussion: Unclear boundaries – who moved my information? at the INNOTECH Conference on Cyber Innovation and Homeland Security, with Chairperson Guy Mizrahi, Chief Cyber Officer, RayZone Group and leading experts: