Nighttime Drone Delivery Bridges Critical Gap

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Drone delivery flights are limited to daylight hours globally, due to the additional technical and operational challenges associated with night operations. Operation during night hours is generally prohibited without special permission. However, drone delivery at night is particularly critical for the maritime industry, as ports operate 24 hours. 

The first commercial night drone delivery flight has been recently completed successfully.  

Singapore-based F-drones which focuses on the maritime sector offers on-demand drone delivery to ships in port. The application offers a benefit in time and cost savings for deliveries which might normally have to be postponed until a larger load can be brought by boat. The flight has demonstrated the ability to supply on-demand deliveries to vessels 24/7. 

The delivery included a 3D-printed critical part weighing 3 kilograms, flown over 5 kilometers within 7 minutes. 

The technology opens up the possibility of delivering urgent items at night, such as critical spare parts and medicine. The items can be delivered within minutes, and can be a safer option compared to taking a boat out and sending items up a pilot ladder/gangway at night, the company was cited by