Watch: New Armored Vehicle Unveiled

Watch: New Armored Vehicle Unveiled

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A concept for a new high-speed, maneuverable, lightweight vehicle has been unveiled. The new vehicle is being developed by the Ukrainian armored vehicle manufacturer Inguar to perform a wide variety of combat missions, including high-speed attacks, forward operating reconnaissance and scouting, coordinated air-dropped ground assaults, and multiple entry points integrated operations.

The company claims that “the platform will have relatively low cost and wide range of applications: transportation of a whole combat unit, carrying luggage and evacuation of wounded, mortar calculations, sniper units, PTRK units, air defense units.”

The unit will be able to be equipped with a mortar anti-tank complex and an “Amulet” anti-tank complex with two missiles. It can also be armed with either a machine gun (up to caliber 14,5mm) or an anti-tank missile weapon. It requires a crew of two and can seat eight combat-ready dismounts.

The new vehicle is light and compact enough to fit inside An-178 or C-130 cargo planes.

The vehicle will be able to scale a 60 percent incline and have a top speed of 180 km/h. Its off-road speed will be up to 100km/h at which point its suspensions will still be able to withstand a full load of 10 men and their equipment.

The company has offered a concept to the Commander of the Air Assault Troops of the Military Forces of Ukraine. It has already built the first prototype for Ukrainian Air Assault Troops. Inguar is also planning to produce the vehicle for the Ukrainian Special Forces.