Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is Powered by Unique Technology

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is Powered by Unique Technology


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Subsea batteries will help propel an unmanned underwater vehicle operating within the growing subsea data acquisition market.

Dive Technologies has recently completed successful sea trials of a Large Displacement Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LD-AUV) which was powered by Kraken Robotics’ pressure tolerant batteries. 

The two companies entered into an agreement in August 2020 whereby Kraken agreed to supply subsea batteries for the LD-AUV. Under the terms of the agreement, Kraken also acquired a license to build two Dive LD-AUVs for use in its growing Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) business. 

The commercial LD-AUV is designed to support long duration missions at full ocean depths.

The pressure tolerant batteries use Lithium-Polymer cells which are encapsulated by a durable silicone polymer that remains flexible, yet stable under pressure. This method of encapsulation allows to reduce the size and weight of traditional subsea battery packs by not requiring the cells to be located inside pressure housings or flooded with oil. As such, the battery design is no longer constrained by dimensions of the pressure or oil housings. 

The battery systems are modular and can be connected in banks to meet the vehicle’s voltage and capacity requirements, according to the company’s website.