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Picture1Is this Syria’s “doomsday ” weapon? Intelligence sources say that the Syrian air force has adapted an old Russian made MIG-21 fighter aircraft to fly unmanned and carry chemical warfare materials. This information is now being investigated by a number of intelligence organizations.

A Syrian MiG-21, that landed in  Jordan in June 2011 flown by a Syrian air force colonel, had been adapted to fly unmanned and  carry a “deadly  volume of chemical weapons.

According to intelligence sources there are indications that Russian engineers helped with the upgrade.

The Syrian pilot colonel Hassan Hamada, took off in his MiG-21 from al-Dumair military airport northeast of Damascus and flew to King Hussein Air Base just across Syria’s southern border with Jordan. Upon landing in Jordan, Hamada removed his rank and requested political asylum.

The Syrian regime immediately admitted the pilot had defected and called him a traitor. But unlike in earlier defections Syria has put heavy pressure on Jordan to return the MIG-21., Israel’s Homeland Security Home