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A live trial of a ‘swarming drones’ capability has been successfully conducted by Leonardo, in a joint partnership with the UK Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO). This live trial of the concept conducted by UK Armed Forces represents a key step towards proving an autonomous swarming drone capability.

During the demo, a number of small, remotely-piloted aircraft equipped with Leonardo’s electronic warfare (EW) jamming technology were used to confuse and overwhelm trial radars simulating enemy air defense systems.

During the demonstration, a number of Callen Lenz drones were equipped with a modified Leonardo BriteCloud decoy, allowing each drone to individually deliver a highly-sophisticated jamming effect. In addition, the decoy packages were programmed and navigated to work collaboratively to cause maximum confusion. They were tested against ground-based radar systems representing the enemy air defense emplacement. A powerful demonstration was given, with the swarm of BriteCloud-equipped drones overwhelming the threat radar systems with electronic noise, according to