Watch New AIr Defense System in Action

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A new mobile air defense system exposed recently can be deployed against air targets at short and very short ranges and against ground targets. German weapons maker Rheinmetall shared the video of its mobile ground based air defense (GBAD) system, called the Oerlikon Skyranger 35.

The Skyranger is equipped with state-of-the-art search and tracking sensors, which provide seamless 360° air and ground surveillance and accurate fire control data. The integrated 35 mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun provides ultimate firepower and precision. Combined with the Oerlikon Ahead Air Burst Technology an engagement against current and future air threats is highly effective.

The system is based on the Boxer platform and designed first and foremost for short- and very short-range mobile, ground-based air defense. It can shoot down incoming rockets as well as mortar rounds – but also unmanned aerial systems, including the low, slow and small kind, e.g. quadrocopter drones; it is also highly effective against low-flying aircraft, according to defence-blog.

The air defense module at the heart of the system is equipped with an Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 turret. The system features an integrated sensor unit with X-band tracking radar and electro-optical sensors as well as electronic warfare components. This enables swift, autonomous engagement of externally assigned targets. The Skyranger can receive and process target data from both 2D and 3D search radars.

The integrated search sensor technology and Oerlikon Skymaster battle management system give the Skyranger an autonomous sector-monitoring and target engagement capability. 

The tried-and-tested 35mm x 228 cal. Revolver Gun delivers massive firepower and excellent precision.