iHLS Accelerator Startup: AI-Based Smart IT Resources Operation 

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The world of computing has become more and more complex and demanding from both the management and technology points of view. Consumers expect the leading IT vendors to provide the best and most reliable services while reducing costs. However, the current challenge is how to harness IT resources to the business objectives in the smartest way. This problem has been accentuated during the global COVID-19 epidemic. Social distancing and lesser interactions among employees have increased customer’s dependency on the companies’ applications and computing system on the one hand, and escalated the risk in systems’ availability on the other hand, due to the decrease in the manpower supporting the computing systems on routine.

The founders of the Israeli company Correlata have identified this unique need in the field of smart management and business approach to IT infrastructure – in every organization, the decision making process regarding any field is based on business intelligence (BI), except for at the IT department. Organizations’ managements find themselves in the dark, lacking the capability to evaluate IT environment operations from a business viewpoint.

Correlata’s innovative solution allows the organization to harness IT resources in an effective, informed, and transparent way to the management level. It supplies the senior leadership and IT staff with the service intelligence they need to best use their infrastructure more effectively, ensure optimal business service delivery, identify and prevent problems in advance, make informed decisions, and cut the monthly costs by tens of percent.

For the first time, the CorreAssess Platform enables the IT department to run as a business unit and make it visible to decision-makers in a clear and simple manner. 

The IP-based solution delivers the intelligence required for sensing and demonstrating the IT system’s DNA and control and audit from the managerial / operational aspect. The unique technology helps the organization harness the IT resources in a smart way, control, and ensure that IT infrastructures operate in accordance to business, regulative decisions.

The successful software is based on advanced machine learning and big data technologies. The software license can serve as a solution for a one-time project or as an on-site or cloud-based fully-operating system. Correlata has succeeded in cutting some 30% off the organization’s annual operation costs. Thanks to its system, the customer uses and integrates its systems in a more efficient way, thus acquiring less equipment and saving extensive costs. 

The company’s unique solution is a market pioneer:

  • The company collects the raw data independently from the IT system objects
  • Creates the matrix that verifies compliance with the organization’s regulations
  • Provides a proactive system that identifies negative anomalies before they have an impact on the organization, and indicates the situation to the decision-makers while reflecting the business value
  • Enables rapid decision-making and agile implementation

To illustrate, a leading telco carrier has recently revealed a system availability problem. Correlata has swiftly identified the bottleneck points at the infrastructure level and succeeded in finding out that 35% of all the company’s IT investments did not provide it with any business value. Correlata’s solution has granted the company the saving of a few tens of million dollars and improved the quality of its operations.

Correlata is managed by Ofer Laksman, the CEO and co-founder, whose vast experience in computing systems dates back to 1994. Laksman is an Israeli Air Intelligence veteran, who completed his Electronics degree prior to his military service, holds an MBA in Business Administration and Management, and has fulfilled various roles in large corporates, including AMD, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, HP, etc.

The company participated in the 7th batch of the iHLS Security Accelerator. During this program, it was exposed to many organizations, including IAI, Israel Police, and more.

According to Ofer Laksman, “Correlata’s technology is suitable for customers from all sectors in Israel and globally, as long as they are medium- to large-sized enterprises, in which any mistake might have high costs. Government, finances, telecom, and other organizations are among our customers.”

In the defense sector, Correlata was granted a GSA Schedule 70 license from the US Department of Defense, enabling it to sell its product to American government agencies. The system it has developed also helps organizations with coping with cybersecurity – upon the identification of any penetration into the organization, it immediately provides a situation report, identifies whether the system is collapsing, and supports the organization on return to routine in order to ensure that resources are used adequately.

The company has a protected US IP, and a strategic agreement with IBM; It has signed an agreement with HCL, one of the world’s largest integration companies, in a move that would bring about more exposure to organizations and wider deployment.

“In the future”, Ofer Laksman envisions, “we would like to expand our solution and unite all the analytics realms in all the IT infrastructure levels, so that the customer would be able to get all the responses over one platform.”

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