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The connected campus of the future will offer safety, crowd control, traffic and facilities management. A new connected campus pilot project will leverage technology to transform the University of California, Berkeley Parking and Transportation Department by analyzing patterns, easing traffic congestion and increasing pedestrian safety. Smart technologies will provide data to facilitate enhanced traffic management and mobility. 

The solution will ensure UC Berkeley can focus on improving traffic conditions through analysis and process more efficiently without worrying about ICT deployment and optimization issues.

The pilot will incorporate NTT Corporation’s Accelerate Smart data platform and Dell Technologies’ modular data center infrastructure for edge deployments of high-definition optical sensors and IoT devices that monitor traffic-related issues. 

As a first step in their “Connected Campus” initiative, UC Berkeley will leverage vehicle counting and classification to make informed decisions and develop specific solutions.

The campus will serve as a test bed for new technologies. The partnership will provide a better understanding for alleviating the root causes of traffic issues 

As part of the pilot, NTT and Dell Technologies will implement innovations that support UC Berkeley’s Parking and Transportation Department, such as real-time alerts and traffic statistics that improve predictions and outcomes. With quantifiable data, UC Berkeley can curb congestion caused by events, rideshare traffic, delivery vehicles and transit operations.

The pilot program is designed to provide automated deployment and operation of necessary information and communications technology resources from devices and networks to the cloud. 

NTT will deploy its Accelerate Smart solution, which is a secure, distributed network as a platform solution. It enables remote creation, management and operation of information and communications technology resources, from devices and networks to the cloud. It also incorporates hyperconverged infrastructure and IoT gateways from Dell Technologies.

Following the initial pilot, UC Berkeley, NTT and Dell Technologies plan to evaluate viability to extend the pilot and potentially add additional locations and use cases on campus, according to