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A new virtual reality (VR) training kit released recently is designed to teach organizations how to create their own VR productions, saving complexity and expenses.

Virtual reality development company Arch Virtual wants to help schools, companies and other organizations — and perhaps even the U.S. military — make their own training videos.  

“We wanted to find a way to enable trainers to capture demonstrations into a virtual-reality experience that other people could watch,” CEO Jon Brouchoud said. He said he thinks numerous industries will be interested in producing their own VR training.

The kit, called Acadicus, provides a platform of potential scenarios — including locations and a variety of equipment — that trainers can use to develop a VR simulation that can be saved and accessed, as often as needed, according to

An immersive, 3-D scenario that lets people participate in the simulated environment is a more effective teaching tool than a video. “When you’re watching a video, you’re a passive observer … not a participant in the scene,” he said. With VR, “you’re able to follow along and pick up instruments,” and that helps people remember the material being taught.

Customers could include the U.S. Department of Defense. Acadicus was invited to demonstrate its platform at the Virtual Worlds Forum meeting in March, hosted by the Academy for Defense Intelligence. The forum is a group of U.S. government representatives researching and testing virtual-reality, augmented-reality and mixed-reality applications.

“The immersive spatial recording and multi-user functionality of Acadicus are some of the most sought-after functionalities that enterprise trainers and learning-content creators have been searching for,” said John Grant, technology innovation manager at the Academy for Defense Intelligence and coordinator of the Virtual Worlds Forum meetings.

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