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Cassidian, the defence and security division of EADS, has developed a new-generation multifunctional jamming system that significantly enhances the protection of vehicles against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). Defense Update reports.

The new mobile jammer combines the smart jamming functionality with signals intelligence (also known as Electronic Support Measures – ESM), allowing detailed understanding of the threat, thus significantly improving mission planning and force protection.


According to the company, the multifunctional jammer analyses the signal spectrum around a vehicle and is thus in a position to jam the radio signals intended to trigger a roadside bomb in a targeted manner rather than by barraging noise over a wide spectrum, blocking friendly communications or operating over specific bands, leaving vulnerable gaps that could be exploited by insurgents.

Cassidian’s multifunctional jammer features the new, ultra-fast Smart Responsive Jamming Technology to substantially enhance the level of protection. This system detects and classifies radio signals intended to ignite roadside bombs. It then transmits jamming signals in real-time, which are tailored exactly to the hostile frequency band. Thanks to the new digital receiver and signal processing technologies it is thus possible to achieve reaction times of well below a millisecond.

The new jammer also employs the SMARTscout extension, providing signal intelligence battlespace picture – a task that previously could only be accomplished by relatively complex systems which are difficult to deploy and consume a lot of energy. SMARTscout allows the user to deploy numerous sensors in theater, at relatively low cost, and to obtain an ‘electronic order of battle’ of radio communication threat situation in less time. This new capability assists the user in gaining force protection and the intelligence essential for planning of further operations.

“Lessons learnt in recent conflicts prove that the enemy often changes the type of radio transmission used for triggering signals in asymmetric scenarios,” explains Elmar Compans, head of the Sensors & Electronic Warfare unit at Cassidian. “Continuous analysis of threats and the resulting adaptation of countermeasures are therefore indispensable. Using our SMARTscout system, both of these tasks can be done faster and with reduced effort.”

Source: Defense-Update

Integrated into a light vehicle – to be seen here a
Integrated into a light vehicle – to be seen here a “Wolf”-class car – Cassidian’s multifunctional jammer can explore the electromagnetic spectrum and at the same time counter attacks with radio-controlled roadside bombs. Photo: Cassidian