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Robots and drones are being used around the world to fight COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, from taking temperature to preparing meals and sanitizing surfaces where the virus may live.

An Australian Drone company, Draganfly, will work with the country’s Department of Defense and the University of South Australia on “pandemic drones.”

The drones will use sensors and computer vision systems to monitor people’s temperature and heart rates and will detect people coughing in crowds, a symptom of COVID-19. The technology can also be applied to usage with vulnerable populations, like nursing home facilities.

The company also sees a possible security use around borders or critical infrastructure.

According to, the drones are equipped with cameras and sensors with special health monitoring capabilities. The drone can narrow in on a person to collect information about heart rate, temperature, and respiratory conditions and detect when someone is coughing.

The drones are remotely controlled by operators and send reading information back.