Infamous Ransomware Group Apologizes for Attack Against Children’s Hospital

One of the most infamous ransomware groups has recently issued a formal apology after it carried out an attack against Toronto’s Hospital for Sick...
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Ransomware Attacks Are Back on The Rise – Why?

Researchers from NCC Group counted 198 successful ransomware campaigns in July – up 47 percent from June. Sharp as that incline may be, it...

Password Manager Gets Hacker, Encrypted Passwords Stolen

On August 25, 2022, LastPass published an official statement notifying customers that a third-party gained unauthorized access to portions of their development environment, source...
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Corporations Against Ransomware – Leads to High-Profile Arrests

Last year marked a turning point in the fight against ransomware as the collaboration among law enforcement agencies led to high-profile arrests, and the...
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What Are The Top Most Popular Cyber Security Methods?

In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our lives. We are constantly exposed to it on a daily basis, and...
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Innovative Approach To Detect and Respond Cyber Attacks

Overworked security operations teams, the increasing frequency of large-scale ransomware attacks, paired with the shift to a new era of hybrid work, have created...
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Protection Against Ransomware In The Medical Sector

Ransomware attacks on US healthcare have drastically increased in their sophistication and intensity over the last year, which is expected to continue into 2022....
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New Ransomware Discovered Due to Cyber Attack on Albania

New piece of ransomware discovered following the cyber attack on the Albanian Government. The Albanian government announced mid-July that it was forced to shut...
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User Information for Sale on The Dark Web

A recent report has shown that many social media databases are currently being sold on Breach Forums, a popular hacking forum on the Dark...
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Cybersecurity Training – Preparing for Potential Attacks

A pilot of a cybersecurity training event has been carried out recently in the state of Ohio, USA. The event's participants had an opportunity...
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Robots Join the Fight for Cyber Security

The ever-increasing danger of cybercrime has motivated companies to look at different solutions. The massive number of threats, cyber criminals and skill shortages have...
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Israel and US Tightening Cyber Collaboration

Israel and the US have been expanding ties on the cyber front. The two countries have finalized a series of cybersecurity collaboration agreements aimed...
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Data Leaks Related To Ransomware Grew By 82% According To A...

According to a recent report by cyber security company CrowdStrike, ransomware-related information leaks have increased by over 82% between 2020 and 2021. The Global...
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Ransomware Attacks on European Transportation Targets

A ransomware attack on a Swiss airport could be part of a larger campaign. Airport ground services and air cargo operator Swissport has been...

Zero-Trust Approach in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Protecting healthcare organizations from cyber-attacks can be a matter of life and death. Healthcare organizations are vulnerable to various cybersecurity threats demanding from them...

Challenges and Major Concerns in Health Sector Cybersecurity

By Or Shalom Cyberattacks targeting the health sector have intensified following the COVID-19 crisis. The US Department of Health and Human Services and the Office...

Israeli Medical Center Targeted by Ransomware Attack

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera has been targeted by a ransomware attack without prior notice. The medical center announced today that the...