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A recent report has shown that many social media databases are currently being sold on Breach Forums, a popular hacking forum on the Dark Web. According to cyber security researchers HackerOne, the database allegedly consisted of 5.4 million users, and included the datasets for celebrities, politicians and businesses. The owner of Breach Forums reportedly verified the authenticity of the leaked data.

This nefarious collection of information was due to an already known Twitter vulnerability that could possibly allow an attacker to acquire the phone number and/or email address associated with user accounts even if the user had hidden those fields in the platform’s privacy settings. This should worry many social media users, as it seems that privacy and anonymity are merely a veil that hides the many dangers we are exposed to on the internet. 

However, Twitter is not the only platform exposed for cyber security related issues. Researchers also announced that a new malware operation dubbed “Ducktail” has been targeting individuals and employees who have access to a Facebook Business account. This particular malware steals browser cookies and takes advantage of authenticated Facebook sessions to steal information from the victim’s account. It can ultimately hijack any Facebook Business account.

With the advancement in cyber security technologies, cyber criminals will always follow suit. Experts suggest that businesses looking to protect themselves must adopt a true culture of security that considers all potential threats as part of their overall cybersecurity risk management strategy, including social media accounts.

According to, security experts warn that even in the context of “social media,” users shouldn’t let their guard down. In fact, this is where users should actually adopt a more secure posture. “To avoid being victimized, it’s best to operate under the mindset that digital footprints exist everywhere and can never be completely eradicated, and thus, anonymity in the digital realm is a fallacy.” said Timothy Morris, technology strategist at cybersecurity firm Tanium. 

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