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An Australian counter UAS technologies and systems company has recently announced the release of a vehicle-mounted, drone detection and neutralizing device. DroneShield Ltd has announced the release of their new product, the DroneSentry-X.

The DroneSentry-X is a lightweight, vehicle-mounted drone detection device. The compact device, weighing only approximately 10 kilograms, is easily mountable on most vehicles and is expected to be of interest to the company’s wide range of global customers, ranging from militaries and law enforcement agencies to security companies.

The device can be operated from a vehicle convoy or from a fixed site installation. reports that the product was developed in response to high amounts of customer interest. It is currently available for purchase for qualified customers, shipment will happen sometime this year.

The cost-effective solution comes as a single unit and is also capable of 360 degrees of swarm defense.

The market for counter-drone protection is rapidly increasing. DroneShield plans on supplying that market by providing an affordable detect and defeat counter UAS solution. The company offers a complete suite of detection and neutralization solutions, with the company claiming that the DroneSentry-X has been developed to cover specific customer needs in the anti-UAS field.

Even though the DroneSentry is already up for sale, the device has not been authorized yet by several federal organizations. The device is currently not up for sale in the United States to private consumers and may never be. As of now, the only American organizations capable of purchasing the device are the United States government and its agencies.

The Australian DroneShield also offers several other counter UAS solutions including a pistol-shaped anti-UAS countermeasure, the DroneGun, and a wearable drone detector, the RfPatrol.

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