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In an effort to respond to user feedback, an Australian anti-drone firm has released a new drone detection product allowing users stealthily detect drones up to 1 kilometer away. RfZero, developed by DroneShield, is a device used to detect drones up to one kilometer away. It is a cost effective alternative to DroneShield’s RfOne, a higher end, five kilometer radio frequency direction finder.

DroneShield has managed to integrate their products for an easily accessible and holistic user interface. With DroneShieldComplete, DroneShield’s anti-drone user interface, operators can integrate the RfZero with other DroneShield products, such as the DroneCannon or DroneGun, to better combat trespassing or hostile drones.

RfZero has been designed to appeal to users looking for a fixed site solution against unwanted drones. RfZero’s target customers include those operating to secure prisons, commercial sites, mines, large events, and VIPs, while larger installations such as airports and military bases would likely prefer using DroneShield’s RfOne. reports that DroneShield has scored several contracts with several customers, including large companies and governments. In April, DroneShield has closed an agreement to promote anti-drone products for defense and security in Spain and other countries.

In March, the company has made a deal with Saudi Arabia’s Telecom Company to supply government installations, plants, and communication assets with drone detection and mitigation technology.