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Critical sites such as oil rigs, nuclear power plants, ports, data centers, and military bases are all at risk for being potential targets. Sensitive sites such as these may be exposed to risks relating to malicious intent or illegal activity. If any of these sights were to be attacked there could be disastrous consequences affecting the staff at the sites and maybe even civilians living close enough to these critical sites.

In the battle to defend critical infrastructure, a French company has developed an autonomous drone solution intended to enhance the security and safety of critical sites.

Azur Drone has been at work developing a completely autonomous drone solution for surveillance and security.

The Skeyetech drone system is 100% automated, meaning that no human is necessary for the safe and effective operation of the drone. Powered by artificial intelligence, the drones are capable of automatic takeoff, navigation, and landing. Therefore, the solution requires no drone training or flying skills for the system’s operators. In fact, the Skeyetech is the first European drone approved by authorities for autonomous operation. Security teams operating the drone can simply follow automatically planned flight missions or give orders to the drone directly through their video management system.

The system comes with a box shaped station that protects and recharges the drone in between missions. The bulky case weighs 375 kilograms and has been designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. 

The station ensures secure and quick communication between the drone and the video management system. The station is also capable of quickly launching the drone within 30 seconds, making it the Skyeyetech drone a ready-to-fly drone anytime.

The system can be integrated with existing security networks for easy implementation of the security system to increase the strength of the site’s security network.

The company’s website has also mentioned the use of high quality, highly stable gimbal payloads, including an HD camera with high zoom capabilities, as well as a high-precision thermal camera. These sensors make it possible for the system to detect a human several hundred meters away.

The Skeyetech system helps revolutionize critical site security. When compared to stationary camera and patrolling security guards, the Skyeyetech system is much harder to overcome, neutralize, escape from, or avoid.

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