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What do the agriculture, defense, mapping, and construction industries all have in common? They all significantly benefit from the use of innovative UAVs. Whether it be heavy duty drones, capable of carrying sprayers and spraying crops with pesticides, or small lightweight drones used for tunnel and pipe inspections in tight, confined places, drones offer a wide range of solutions to a wide range of industries.

A French drone making company is working to capitalize on the world’s demand for drones. Drone Volt has been at work developing and manufacturing a wide fleet of drones for a variety of different applications. 

One of the company’s drones is the Hercules 20 heavy lift drone. Its carbon fiber frame and anodize aluminium fasteners make the drone durable and resistant to various extreme flight conditions. It also allows the drones to carry payloads weighing up to 20 kilograms.

The heavy duty quadcopter is very versatile. The done is fully customizable, so if you’re using it to spray your crops, survey areas, or simply lift objects to higher levels in a construction site, you could find a matching payload for the Hercules 20 to help with your task.

The company offers a range of professional payloads and sensors for surveillance, inspection, construction, and agriculture. The drone can be attached with a gyro stabilized gimbal that has both an electro-optic and infrared camera installed. Both cameras have 360 degrees of rotation, with the electro-optic camera offering 30x optical zoom and the infrared camera offering 4x zoom.

Other payloads include a crop sprayer and an electromagnet for lifting.

Going from large to small, the company also offers a mini-UAV for confined spaces inspection. The Inspector drone is a mini professional drone for indoor inspections of extremely confined environments. The drone’s small size and protective 360 degrees carbon sphere allows the operator to explore and inspect the tightest places while also reducing risk to humans near the drone.

The Inspector is capable of live video streaming and recording. It comes with powerful LED lights to brighten up dark confined spaces.

The drone could also be used for military and police applications. Ideal for search and rescue and hostage situations in confined spaces.

The company also manufactures a fixed wing, VTOL capable UAV, the Heliplane. The Heliplane is hybrid quadcopter-fixed wing UAV with five propellers, four acting as quadcopter propellers and one at the nose, acting as a fixed wing propeller. 

The VTOL UAV comes in 3 versions for different types of missions. The first variant comes with a dual camera-thermal sensor used for long range surveillance, ideal for military intelligence gathering. 

Another variant of the Heliplane is used for mapping operations as it utilizes a LIDAR sensor for high resolution mapping and 3D modeling.

Finally, the third version of the UAV utilizes Real Time Kinematic measurements for obtaining precise measurements.

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