Counter Drone Platforms Gains NATO’s Attention

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NATO has selected an American counter drone company to demonstrate its anti-drone defense platform. The company will introduce its platform that also encompasses the company’s autonomous drone interceptor, DroneHunter.

Fortem Technologies has been chosen to demonstrate its SkyDome Network defense platform. Along with the company’s autonomous Dronehunter, the platform will include drone detection, classification, and analysis capabilities.

Once active, the system is capable of neutralizing drone threats against military, law enforcement, and civilian assets.

“We’re excited to participate in NATO’s Defense Against Terrorism Program,” said Timothy Bean, Fortem’s CEO. “We’re making strides to implement technologies that can mitigate critical autonomous security shortfalls for allied nations.”

The SkyDome Network utilizes TrueView radar, a system the company claims is “the world’s smallest, most accurate and cost efficient radar of its kind”. The system utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor environments.

Thanks to TrueView radar, the SkyDome Network can anticipate vulnerabilities, alert personnel, operate defensive measures, or launch DroneHunter to autonomously neutralize drone threats, according to

The network is capable of achieving total airspace awareness, while integrating existing security systems to achieve optimal security.

The company’s DroneHunter is capable of identifying and capturing rogue drones via a net that it fires. Once a drone has been captured, DroneHunter can either dispose of it if it is considered dangerous, or intercept it and take it back for additional analysis.

The company claims that many counter-drone systems fail since many rogue drones have been designed to be immune to jamming or hacking countermeasures. Therefore, shooting a physical net to take down a drone would definitely knock a hostile drone out of the air.