Free Display Area to First 10 Startups that Register to Video Analytics Conference and Exhibition

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Attend iHLS 7th Video Analytics Conference and Exhibition on December 19, 2019, at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion.

A free display area will be granted to the first 10 startups that register to the event!

Video Analytics technology has been undergoing a major revolution in recent years. Israel has been at the forefront of the development of smart technologies in this thriving field. The innovative solutions enable the swift analysis of the data streamed by smart security cameras and real-time decision making.

Capturing video data in an automatic way enables the validation of alerts supplied by other sensors. Video analytics supply a wide array of detection, object classification and identification capabilities based on the recorded information. 

Advanced video analytics technologies are also based on face recognition and other biometric parameters.

In addition to smart security, based on computerized vision and smart cameras, advanced video analytics technologies are applied also in the autonomous vehicle and smart mobility fields.

Innovative applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning, alongside smart city uses, big data and cloud aspects, and more will all be presented by the experts at the conference and showcased at the exhibition.

Among Conference Topics

  • Infrastructure – passive, active, intelligent, mobile and static (wireless/cellular) and hybrid
  • Artificial intelligence and new algorithms
  • Computer vision
  • Computing and storage – distributed and centralized
  • 3D video 
  • Face and gesture analysis
  • Anomaly detection in crowded scenes
  • Analysis of human behavior for event detection
  • Advanced video compression methods
  • Synopsis production, integration, information fusion
  • Video forensics
  • Data mining, big data search and retrieval 
  • Video protection – cybersecurity
  • System approach (perimeter security, safe city) 
  • Smart security
  • Smart mobility

Target Audience:

  • Defense industries
  • IDF and security forces technological units
  • End users
  • System integrators
  • IT and computer communication infrastructure vendors
  • Software vendors
  • Technological leaders and CEOs
  • Academic researchers
  • Algorithm developers, software and hardware engineers
  • Consulting firms

Booth/ sponsorship/ presentation:  [email protected]   Ofir +972-54-6742036

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