Autonomous UUV to be Delivered to Australian Navy

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An American defense and aerospace manufacturer has recently showcased their new autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle, the Bluefin-12. The Bluefin-12 is medium class lightweight UUV. It is designed to deliver mission-critical data.

Developed by General Dynamics, the Blufin-12 utilizes an open architecture design allowing for the integration of a wide variety of sensors and payloads. The Bluefin-12 can be configured with payload packages making it possible for the UUV to survey the ocean floor, accurately navigate, process data, and more.

“The General Dynamics team has invested in a completely new generation of vehicles,” said the vice president of undersea systems at General Dynamics Mission Systems, Andy Rogers. “The new Bluefin-12 provides superior designs, high quality, excellent modularity, and best in class reliability to deliver exceptional mission capability and range… we are proud to add the Bluefin-12 to our UUV family of products.” reports that the company is to deliver both the Bluefin-12 and the Bluefin-9 to the Royal Australian Navy.