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Israel’s government, defense industries, and academic institutions will collaborate in quantum technologies. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Rafael, Accubeat, Ben-Gurion University, the Technion, the Weizmann Institute, the Hebrew University, Bar-Ilan University, and Ariel University have launched the Quantum Technologies Development Consortium. The organization will be part of a program of the Israel Innovation Authority at the Ministry of Economics and the Department of Weapon Development at the Israel Ministry of Defense (MAF’AT).

The consortium encompasses Israeli companies that have got the knowledge and development capabilities in the quantum sensing field, and the leading universities and academic researchers in the field. The consortium was designed to develop technological innovation and advance the State of Israel as a quantum power, similarly to what has been achieved in the cyber field.

Within the framework of the consortium operation, quantum technologies will be developed in order to supply ground-breaking solutions for the civilian and security fields. The collaboration between the government, academy, and the business sector serves as an advantage vis a vis the foreign competitor companies in the field, and will establish Israel’s position as a leader in quantum technology. The success of the consortium companies in developing innovative technologies will considerably increase the development and manufacturing in Israel and the activity in the quantum field, according to the IAI announcement.

The quantum sensing field is an innovative field focusing on Applied Physics. The quantum science and technology encompass several subjects, the major ones being: Quantum computing, quantum communications and encryption, and advanced sensors.  

The consortium will focus on the R&D of generic technologies in the fields of sensing and time and frequency systems based on precision atomic clocks. 

The consortium’s vision is the improvement of measuring capabilities of physical basic sizes, e.g. time (atomic clocks), frequency, and gravity in systems such as – communications, computer networks, medicine, border security, earthquake prediction, etc. The consortium’s goal is to improve the accuracy, stability, size, power consumption, and price of quantum sensors through the development of a wide array of technologies and generic methods in quantum sensing, for application in the commercial market.

The quantum sensing consortium has been founded within the framework of the MAGNET program of the Israel Innovation Authority and the Weapon Development Dept. of Israel Defense ministry as part of Israel’s strategy to become a global leader in quantum developments. The Innovation Authority and MAF’AT are currently working on the formulation of additional programs that will focus on the various aspects of quantum technologies.

According to Harel Locker, IAI Chairman, “IAI’s products are and have been for dozens of years at the forefront of world technology. In order to maintain this situation in the future, we are investing in the development of quantum technology; This technology is considered revolutionary in the Physics Science, and it is only natural that IAI, as Israel’s largest, most technological industry, will operate in this field. Only last week, IAI demonstrated to the Israel Ministry of Defense a unique, quantum-based development designed for Israel’s security.

We believe that together with the quality consortium partners, we will lead Israel on its way to becoming a world power in quantum technologies.”

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