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Intelligence community repeatable tasks will be reduced thanks to a new initiative based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. BAE Systems upkeeps its Robotic Operations Center (ROC) to customize and deploy suites of software robots that automate high-volume, repetitive tasks. The ROC, which builds on the company’s partnership with UiPath, leverages machine learning and robotic process automation tools to transform large volumes of data into relevant and actionable intelligence and bring large-scale automation to IT operations.

Peder Jungck, vice president/general manager of Intelligence Solutions at BAE Systems explained that “The emphasis on security is driving a significant increase in the collection of data across the IT enterprise, giving analysts access to more data in greater detail than ever before. RPAs augment a human analyst’s capability by allowing them to focus on high-value tasks – rather than tedious and repetitive actions – leading to faster and better decision-making.” 

The platform offers best practices and standardization of software robots, known as bots, which can be deployed at the server or enterprise level or in a cloud environment to automate a variety of tasks. The ROC enforces security and governance measures for both attended and unattended bots, an important factor when scaling automation to hundreds or thousands of bots, according to the company announcement.

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