North Korea is Preparing the Next Challenge


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North Korea is well known for its arsenal of nuclear missiles, posing as a threat to many countries. North Korea has always invested a substantial amount of money in its military to fulfill their desire to possess the most powerful military. Currently, it is believed that North Korea is in the process of assembling a submarine that will carry nuclear-tipped missiles. It is expected that these missiles will be used to intimidate U.S. military bases throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 

The photo found of the submarine shows that it has an expanded sail equipped with launch tubes. The launch tubes are expected to be able to carry up to three Pukgeukseong-1 ballistic missiles. These missiles hold a range of 1,200 kilometers and are nuclear-tipped. With a range that extensive, North Korea could cause a great amount of damage from afar. The submarine has the ability to remain stealthy and quiet while still maintaining the power to fire nuclear missiles. 

The submarine integrates a few aspects from submarines manufactured in the past such as Project 633 class Soviet diesel electric submarine, also known as “Romeo,” according to 

It is believed that this submarine has been under construction for about 20 years. From the photos released via the state-run KCNA news agency, the submarine appears to be a modified version of an earlier one. It is very similar to previous submarines built by North Korea besides the fact that this one is much larger and wider. Other than that, it is much like older models; the photos show that the submarine has two shrouded propellers which are standard on Romeo-class submarines.  Although the few photos found are not so clear, it is quite obvious what North Korea is up to.

It is not exactly known yet when this submarine will be ready to take action.