Raytheon to Provide Cybersecurity to North African Country

Raytheon to Provide Cybersecurity to North African Country

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The art of warfare is a constantly developing one. Wars were once fought using swords and spears, today it has advanced to rifles, aircraft, missiles, and computers. A major part of warfare today comes from the cyber fields, thus having strong cybersecurity is as crucial as having a strong military.

Raytheon has recently announced plans to develop and deploy cybersecurity equipment as part of a $110 million contract with an undisclosed country. All that is known regarding the country is that it is located in the Middle East, North African region.

The plan is that Raytheon will establish a cybersecurity operation center for the country.

The company will also conduct vulnerability assessments and develop cybersecurity response centers that monitor and detect any sign of intrusion. It will also assist with training, knowledge transfer, operational support, and incident response.

Raytheon mentioned in a statement that their goal is to proactively address cyber threats to the nation’s critical defense systems.

A Raytheon official has also stated that “Raytheon’s nation-scale cybersecurity solutions are in growing demand from countries around the world as they confront today’s dynamic cyber threats.”

International news agencies further mention that Raytheon has also announced that it has signed two contracts, valued at $3 billion, with Qatar to provide air and missile defense capabilities. This includes the sale of the National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System, AMRAAM extended range missiles, and an undisclosed number of Patriot fire units.