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Two robotic companies have recently showcased the latest version of their unmanned ground combat vehicle at a live-fire exercise in Estonia. Milrem Robotics and ST Engineering showed off the THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System), an unmanned ground vehicle equipped with the ADDER DM Remote Weapon Station and armed with a 12.7 millimeter heavy machine gun and a 40 millimeter automatic grenade launcher.

Several versions of the THeMIS have been introduced since the robot’s first public appearance three years ago. Considered a force multiplier, the THeMIS is designed to support soldiers in urban and open combat zones.

The most recent version of the UGV utilizes a wireless Beyond Line Of Sight control system that allows the system to be controlled remotely without having a direct line of sight between the operator and the UGV. THeMIS can be controlled by a mobile tablet or by a stationary control unit at ranges of up to one kilometer in urban areas with less line of sight, and up to two and a half kilometers in open areas.

Both the THeMIS’s gun and the THeMIS itself can be controlled remotely by operators in the field.

Along with its offensive capabilities, the UGV has some impressive defensive capabilities. The UGV can withstand 7.62 millimeter armor piercing bullets, as well as anti-tank mines. reports that the THeMIS is capable of reaching a top speed of 12 miles per hour and can operate for up to 15 hours. It can also scale 60 degree inclines and operate in water up to 24 inches deep.