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Unmanned robotic vehicles have been playing more roles in military and security environments, showcasing smart autonomous functions and optimizing a wide range of tasks while keeping combatants at a safe distance.

A new unmanned patrol vehicle that has been unveiled recently by the US-based NXT Robotics is the Generation 5 Autonomous Vehicle and Cognitive Software Platform, called ‘Maverick’.

Maverick is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for outdoor security patrols in places such as data centres, construction sites, parking complexes and detention facilities.

Maverick’s baseline model includes four high resolution PTX security cameras which can be used to do AI-based analysis of a physical environment along with license plate detection and facial and object recognition, according to

It also has the capability to open a two-way audio stream so that the robot can communicate with people it encounters along its largely autonomous patrol routes. The audio system can also stream pre-recorded messages and noises in response to particular situations it encounters.

It uses the NXT Robotics’ cognitive-AI platform which allows for rapid customization of the baseline model so customers can add new features and functions to the robot’s original mission set.