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7842648_sAl-Sorag, Israel’s leading protection solution company, in cooperation with the Israeli manufacturer Hanita Coatings, has been chosen to lead a Ministry of Health project to protect hospital window panes nationwide.  The move is part of a strategic decision to secure medical centers in case of emergencies. As part of the preparation effort it has been decided to improve the protection of the hospital building envelope from blasts caused by bombs and missiles. Israeli manufactured blast absorbent transparent window films installed on glass can save lives and reduce property damage as a result of glass shattering and fragmentation.

The protection project consists of installation of approximately 100 thousand m2 of protective coatings on the windows of twenty-eight medical centers nationwide.  Sixteen of these centers will be protected by the company. The scope of the project is estimated at more than NIS 15 million and it is expected be completed by the end of 2012.


The Ministry of Health was presented with data showing the benefits of combining an energy efficient solar layer to security films to both secure the facilities while reducing energy waste and national carbon emissions. Presented with a unique solution to accomplish two national agendas with one product, the Ministry of Health approved the proposal. The “combined hybrid” coatings will be installed on building facades that face the sun (east, south and west). The films reject heat while allowing in light thus reducing the heat build-up in the hospital rooms and reducing the air-conditioning needs and costs.

Erez Paz, CEO of Al-Sorag said that the window pane coatings are an efficient, Cleantech component, providing a very quick return on investment and are at the cutting edge of today’s commercially available technology.The technology is based on selective filtration of solar radiation, allowing light to pass but blocking the heat; the coatings are able to reduce heat penetration by (up to) 80% into the building through window panes, resulting in significant energy and electricity cost saving, as well as greater reduction in carbon emissions and air conditioning system where”.

The “combined hybrid” coatings by Al Sorag have been installed in recent years in many international projects, including:the European Union Parliament Building in Brussels, the Australian Parliament Building in Canberra and the Marine Museum in Singapore. In Israel they have been installed at the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange center and in buildings of companies, such as: Amdocs, Osem, Strauss in Sderot and hospitals, schools, banks, clinics and many more public and commercial buildings in the area surrounding Gaza and along the confrontation lines in northern Israel.