South American Capital Receives New Bodyguard

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Remote controlled surveillance technology is making its way to Colombia’s capital, camera-equipped drones, Bogota’s mayor, Enrique Peñalosa, announced recently. The news come at the heels of a severe security incident in which a powerful bomb detonated inside the Escuela de Cadetes General Santander (the Colombian police cadet school). However, the mayor told that the purchase of camera-equipped drones was unrelated to the attack.
During the attack that killed 20 cadets, CCTV cameras on the ground managed to identify the vehicle filled with 80kg of explosives as it entered the Colombian capital from the south until it arrived at the main entrance of the police academy.
The purchase of the modern Command and Air Control Units, equipped with five drones, which will be operated by the Metropolitan Police for control and surveillance operations, as well as air support in emergencies has cost USD$600,000. The drones will be connected to the Command, Control, Communications, and Computing Center, where all emergencies are coordinated.
“The acquisition of drones is not directly related to the anti-terrorist issue, but they can be used to track drug dens and clarify emergency situations across the city” said the mayor.
Similar drones are currently in use by Colombia’s Antinarcotics Police to locate cocaine plantations and laboratories.