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Fascinating security and public safety technologies were among the major new developments at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas. Here are some of them:

Face Recognition – A home security camera by Intelligent Video featured an on-device face recognition that uses AI. The camera combines AI-on-the-edge with easy setup and wirefree operation for up to six months per battery charge.

On-Device Artificial Intelligence – The next big trend in smart home surveillance, and deep neural networks will drive the future of do-it-yourself home automation. These innovators included SimCam, an Intel partner, which demonstrated how the Intel Movidius VPU can turn a security camera into ‘the ultimate vision-based sensor’. Swann Security’s 4K wired security systems featuring Google integration, a wireless smart security camera with True Detect heat-based PIR (photo infrared) motion detection, and more, according to

Intelligent Automotive Solutions – Ambarella introduced the new CV25 camera SoC. Its architecture provides Deep Neural Network (DNN) processing required for a new generation of affordable and intelligent home monitoring, professional surveillance and aftermarket automotive solutions. A suite of advanced cybersecurity features protects against hacking.

Virtual Security Guards – The Deep Sentinel home security system applies video and AI to predict residential break-ins ‘before they happen’. Using proprietary artificial intelligence, the cameras act as virtual guards, watching activity around a house and providing alerts to situations that may lead to burglaries, break-ins, package thefts and other dangers.

AI-Integrated Devices – The new consumer 3D LiDAR engine provides high-fidelity spatial awareness to smart home hubs, for input to smart devices such as lighting, security, entertainment, and thermostats.

Internet of Things (IoT) – ThroughTek demonstrated IoT devlopments to transmit voice, video and data over both wide- and narrow-band channels in smart home applications. Showcased solutions include Smart Living integration of video surveillance applications combined with voice assistant to companion robots, wireless doorbells, and battery cameras to enable real-time two-way audio and video streaming simultaneously.

Cyber Security Standards – Privacy is increasingly a concern in the consumer space, and Private Discuss, from PIMAN Security, is a premium, secure, white label communication solution. Their active AI-powered defense architecture provides encrypted audio and video calls, messaging and file sharing. It renders a confidential, secure messaging platform that adheres to the highest standards of cybersecurity.

Virtual Reality – FLIR demonstrated a virtual fire helmet and camera in a real-world residential fire response scenario.

Smart City – During CES, the cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles discussed with AT&T and Ubicquia how new and ongoing partnerships in smart city applications, e.g. lighting, 5G deployment and earthquake warning should save lives and help the municipalities efficiently provide enhanced services. In a lighting solution pilot already active in Las Vegas, AT&T has replaced existing photocells with Ubicell streetlight routers from Ubicquia and integrated them with its existing LTE network to run a smart lighting system capable of monitoring energy use and outages, according to

Mobile 5G rollout – AT&T announced at the conference that it was working with 5G uses in hospitals and other venues. The company became what’s believed to be the first U.S. company to offer a mobile 5G device with a “standards-based mobile network” live in areas of 12 cities.