Advanced In-Car Video Solution

Advanced In-Car Video Solution

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A new highly advanced in-car video solution for law enforcement, national security and commercial uses is announced to be released during 2019.

The EVO-HD is designed and produced by Digital Ally, which manufactures advanced video surveillance products. The EVO-HD is built on an entirely new and highly advanced technology platform that enables many new and revolutionary features including auto activation beyond the car and body camera, according to  

No other provider can offer built-in patented VuLink auto-activation technology. The EVO-HD provides law enforcement officers with an easier to use, faster and more advanced system for capturing video evidence and uploading.

The video solution contains a remote cloud trigger feature which allow dispatchers to remotely start recordings, simultaneous audio/video playback, cloud connectivity via cell modem, near real-time mapping and system health monitoring, body-camera connectivity with built-in auto activation technology, 128GB internal storage, and up to 2TB external SDD storage.             

The EVO-HD is designed and built on a new and highly advanced technology platform that will become the platform for a whole new family of in-car video solution products for the law enforcement and commercial markets.

The innovative EVO-HD technology will replace the current in-car mirror-based systems with a miniaturized system that can be custom-mounted in the vehicle while offering numerous hardware configurations to meet the varied needs and requirements of its law enforcement and commercial customers. The EVO-HD can support up to four HD cameras, with two cameras having pre-event and evidence capture assurance (ECA) capabilities to allow agencies to review entire shifts. An internal cell modem will allow for connectivity to the VuVault cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), and real time metadata when in the field.

Stan Ross, CEO of Digital Ally, commented, “our built-in and patented VuLink auto-activation technology allows for activation of the in-car camera and body-worn camera to work seamlessly and simultaneously when triggered by events like G-Force, light bar activation, vehicle speed and many other factors. All evidence captured is protected by a chain of custody using block-chain technology,” Mr. Ross concluded.