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As part of the efforts to reduce the danger to troops during combat, the UK will test a range of prototype unmanned aerial and autonomous ground vehicles during the game-changing Autonomous Warrior experiment. British troops will test over 70 examples of futuristic technologies.

The exercise aims to test technologies in surveillance, long-range and precision targeting, enhanced mobility and the re-supply of forces, urban warfare and enhanced situational awareness.

In fact, autonomous last mile resupply is a key focus of the exercise. The ‘last mile’, which represents the extremely dangerous final approach to the combat zone, is vital to ensuring soldiers have the food, fuel and ammunition to keep them alive, according to

Overall there will be over 200 multi-national, cross-service personnel. The US Army, Royal Marines, RAF and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) will join industry partners and academia in working and experimenting with innovations alongside them.

Autonomous Warrior will play an integral role within the £800 million Defence Innovation Fund which supports ground-breaking ideas aimed at transforming both defence and British industry, according to

UK MoD DST intends to build upon the success of the United Kingdom’s ‘Unmanned Warrior 2016’, which involved industry participating in military missions, operational tasking efforts, innovative autonomous challenges and complex data integration.