Register to Video Analytics 2018 Conference and Exhibition

Register to Video Analytics 2018 Conference and Exhibition

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Video analytics technology, the advanced security camera based algorithm analysis, has been undergoing a major revolution in recent years. Israel is at the forefront of the development of smart solutions in this field.

The innovative solutions offer the capability to analyze swiftly the data streamed by the security cameras and make real-time decisions. These technologies are based on artificial intelligence and computer vision, supported by cloud data storage.

The leading companies and experts in the video analytics ecosystem will attend the sixth annual Video Analytics Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS. The event will take place on November 19, 2018 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion West.

Capturing video data in an automatic way enables the validation of alerts supplied by other sensors. Video analytics supply a wide array of detection and identification capabilities based on the recorded information.

Innovative applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning, alongside smart city uses and big data and cloud aspects, will all be presented by the experts at the conference. The intriguing technologies will be showcased at the exhibition.

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