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A paradigm shift has been underway in the video surveillance field in India, with security becoming a priority for both the Government and enterprises. With an increase in the number of traffic violations and accidents, keeping a track and identifying incident becomes a challenge. It is over this background that the Indian Government is making considerable strides to implement smart solutions for making roads safer within the framework of smart cities.

“India’s digital transformation has opened the door of opportunities for the security and surveillance industry. Initiatives like smart cities will lead to convergence of security and operations in the coming days. India is scheduled to take a huge leap in its infrastructural growth with $92 billion being allocated for the development of Traffic & Transportation in the country,” said Daniel Lee, Managing Director for Genetec Asia Pacific. Genetec, a provider of physical IP security, law enforcement, and analytics solutions aims “to aid in the growth of smart cities by providing solutions backed by analytics to make communities feel protected.” The company, together with Axis Communications and Citilog, working with Axis for intelligent real-time video monitoring for traffic and transportation, have recently revealed their next-generation smart and integrated technology of end-to-end solutions for incident detection and management, and effective traffic control mechanism, serving as a complete platform for traffic and city-based needs.

According to, the joint association of the Genetec audio surveillance integration, Citilog’s Traffic Management Analytics and Axis’ high frame video cameras will focus on solving some of the real-time pressing issues of traffic management. For instance, the complete integrated solution can provide the authorities with the means to automatically play a pre-recorded message or make an audio announcement without any human intervention when the platform detects any traffic violation.

Another important highlight of is the Adaptive Traffic Control System that communicates with the traffic controller and helps to manage the timings and relieves traffic congestions at busiest locations across the city.

Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director at Axis Communications said: “The concept of intelligent traffic management is new to India. The journey of video analytics has seen a rapid shift from replaying post-mortem video to adopting pre-emptive solutions… At Axis, we are constantly innovating to offer segment specific solutions for the evolving market. The coming together of Axis, Citilog, and Genetec has given us a platform to spread awareness on uses of deployment of complete end to end solutions to help the customer make an informed decision in terms of total cost of ownership, reliability and cybersecurity”.

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