Smart Watch Gets New Unexpected Role

smart watch

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A smart camera drone is now controlled from the wrist. The Skydio R1 is a fully autonomous drone that flies itself, combining artificial intelligence, computer vision, and advanced robotics into a tool that anyone can pick up and use in minutes. It is equipped with 13 cameras, enabling it to look in every direction at once.

Now, its maker Skydio is building on its autonomy capabilities to deliver an entirely new way of controlling this self-flying camera with the introduction of the Skydio Apple Watch app, which allows you to completely direct R1 from your wrist.

The Skydio Apple Watch app is an example of how Skydio has made the experience of controlling a flying camera far simpler by building atop its foundation of autonomy. With its easy-to-use design, the watch app gives quick access to key R1 controls, according to the company. This makes it easy to get the shot you want when you can’t or don’t want to be accessing your phone, as reported by

The Skydio Apple Watch app features include:

  • Select a subject to follow by picking from thumbnails of everyone R1 sees
  • Use the Digital Crown to rotate R1
  • Change between cinematic Skills
  • Stop and return to phone