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Video analytics technologies fulfill a leading role in the smart city setting. They supply in-depth insights into daily traffic, function as surveillance solutions helping to prevent or solve crime, and supply valuable insights in all aspects of urban life.

The global population of video cameras increases by at least 12% per year. These video streams will only ever be useful if processes to search and analyze the mountain of data keep pace. As it stands today, vital information is missed because the vast majority of the video is simply never viewed, according to a report by

A new strategic alliance between two players in the video analytics field is expected to advance smart city applications for security.  The alliance will leverage the partners’ strengths to integrate imaging into digital solutions that will help clients reduce costs, accelerate innovation and offer the opportunity to efficiently and reliably deploy imaging capabilities.

Hitachi Consulting Corporation, a subsidiary of Hitachi, and Canon Information and Imaging Solutions (CIIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., have formed a new strategic alliance to deliver digital solutions to customers throughout the Americas.

For example, CIIS imaging technology can be applied in Hitachi Consulting video analytics for security in smart city projects and manufacturing clients’ video and image analytics for predictive failure and maintenance.  

Hitachi Consulting has pioneered innovative methods by capitalizing on video data to provide real-time analytics that work toward improving a business’s bottom line and operational effectiveness, according to a announcement.  For example, by tracking and analyzing employee movements, a video system can identify quality issues at the source, which can help increase the overall productivity of the line and improve employee health and welfare.

The two companies will collaborate to create innovative offerings around data mining and business intelligence of Accounts Payable (AP) automation process flows, statistical monitoring and more.