Is Israeli Cyber Technology Applied in Vietnam?

cyber technology

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Information security and safety in Vietnam has been recently improved, however, potential risks remain, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Around 27% of recent cyber-attacks in Vietnam targeted the country’s key sectors, namely telecommunications and banking. Vietnam is also among the countries worldwide that suffer from a high number of attacks on industrial infrastructure, with over 735,000 computers infected with malicious codes during the first five months of 2018.

Following a workshop attended by representatives of Vietnamese and Israeli businesses sharing their experience in cybersecurity, Israeli firms said they were ready to cooperate with Vietnam in cybersecurity activities. Vietnamese and Israel’s leading IT firms – namely CyberArk, Beyond Security, Claroty, Cyberbit, Ericom, and Skybox Security – attended, according to

Yaniv Tessel, head of the Economic and Trade Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam, said businesses, particularly larger operations, need to be ahead of the game with cybersecurity and information safety.

Israel is the world’s second largest exporter of cybersecurity technologies, following the US, with 300 companies operating in the field of cybersecurity.